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Prepare an activity involving a geometric manipulative designed to teach a geometric concept to an elementary school student. You can create your own activity or modify an existing activity; if you are modifying an existing activity, however, ensure your sources are properly cited.Create a Lesson Plan including the following information:Detailed description of your activity, which must include the application of the characteristics and properties of the chosen geometric manipulativeInstructions for conducting the activityMaterials neededState standards addressed by your activityAssessment strategies for your activityDISCUSSION 2During the Renaissance, “word painting” became a popular musical technique. Composers attempted to use music to depict words. For example, if singing about a mountain, the voice may go up and then come down, just like the shape of a mountain. If singing about a valley, the voice would go down and then come up. If singing about rabbits hopping in a field, every time the word “hop” is sung, the voice might jump to a high note, then back down to where it was originally.Find a piece of music on YouTube (popular and personally familiar music is acceptable) that employs word painting, and share it with the class by embedding the video.In your initial prompt, discuss what words are being “painted.” You may use the timer on YouTube to point out where in the song these moments occur. Would the musical work have had the same effect if the composer had not used word painting? Are there other sections of the song where word painting could have been used to create a better effect? Did word painting affect the feelings expressed in this work, or was it unnecessary?