False Proofs project

There are many false proofs in mathematics. In addition to examples in our lectures, the following article is an MIT student project: ?Xing Yuan, Mathematical Fallacy Proofshttp://dspace.mit.edu/bitstream/handle/1721.1/100853/18-304-spring2006/contents/projects/fallacy_yuan.pdfFor this project, you need to* Search the Internet to get more new false proofs different from those in our lectures and in Yuan’s paper.  ?*Get at least four examples, one for a topic in algebra, trigonometry, geometry and calculus.  ?* For each false proof, explain what cause the false proof, and how to correct it.  ?Include the webpages as reference where you find the false proofs.  ?Attached is an example of the format and how the project should look, like please follow that format.