Elizabeth runs a factory that makes DVD players. Each R80 takes 9 ounces of plastic and 2 ounces of metal. Each D200 requires 6 ounces of plastic and 6 ounces of metal. The factory has 408 ounces of plastic, 324 ounces of metal available, with a maximum of 24 R80 that can be built each week. If each R80 generates $7 in profit, and each D200 generates $1, how many of each of the DVD players should Elizabeth have the factory make each week to make the most profit? R80=? , D200=?, best profit=?The sides of a nuclear power plant cooling tower form a hyperbola. The diameter of the bottom of the tower is 292 feet. The smallest diameter of the tower is 156 feet which is 366 feet above the ground. The tower is 528 feet tall.Find the width of the tower at a height of 247 feet.