his report must include an introduction, summary text, tables, frequency distribution, line chart, histogram, etc. Define the level of measurement for each of the variables in your report.Prepare a frequency distribution with 3 or more groups with the data.Calculate percentages for the frequency distributionCalculate descriptive statistics for the data below.Write a summary about the data (At least two paragraphs)Compute standard scores for the first and last observationsDescribe the distribution for the data.Discuss the level of measurements and provide four examples for each measure.Draw a normal curve and compute z-scores for the data.Which test was the easiest?Which test was the hardiest?What is the 50th percentile for each test?GenderLocationTest1Test21S23381S34342S56431S25412N43402N33431N45442N42391W30372W]39321E40442E35412E3642STD= 8.75STD=3.76