Is the United States of America a democracy?Detailed Outline:-Introduction (2-3 Paragraphs):Define and discuss the criteria for democracy.What does a country need to be democratic?-Thesis Statement (1 Paragraph):Clearly state whether or not you think America is a democracy.  Briefly preview the three pieces of evidence you are going to use. Your thesis statement is your argument.  It must be clear and strongly stated so I know what you are arguing.-Supporting Evidence 1 (1-3 Paragraphs)Using Freedom House’s 2021 (2020 if 21 is not available)analysis of the U.S., support your argument regarding democracy in the U.S analysis of the U.S., support your argument regarding democracy in the U.S.Supporting Evidence 2 (1-3 Paragraphs)Choose a news article and explain the event covered in the article and how itsupports your argument.Supporting Evidence 3 (1-3 Paragraphs)Choose another news article-Conclusion (1-2 Paragraphs)Summarize your supporting evidence and how it supports your overall argument.  This should include a brief discussion about how the other argument could be rightCitations: You will need outside sources for this paper.  All sources must be properly cited.  This means that the sources need to be parenthetically cited in the text of the paper and need to be included in a bibliography page.  You are not allowed to use any user edit web sites (Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers,, etc.) or social media as sources4-5 papers