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Instructions:Please respond to a minimum of two peers. Include in your response:· Using the height of your classmate calculate the z-score using the mean and standard deviation for the other gender. That is, if they calculated z for a male, calculate for a female.  Would their height be unusual for a different gender?· What are some other ways the concept of normality might be used in their field?· What are some challenges for very tall and short people that were not mentioned? What about their social life?  Do females always want to date someone taller?  Do men want to date someone shorter?Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.Pay someone to do your essayPeer post 1My height is 69.685 inches or 5’8 feet.the z- score is +0.385The normal range is between 58.4 inches and 69.6 inches.My height is within the range as it something that I did not expect. I am one of the shortest in the class and among the tallest in the school. Even when I go for my games and gym training, I find myself tall than the others, according to the statistics that are given been in the normal range. I consider my height usual because the standard deviation is two, either positively or negatively, and I am not almost to the value.Being tall has always had challenges that I will keep going through my lifetime. I have been in places where only short and average people are there, and with my tallness, I find myself walking into spider webs, and in the efforts of getting the web from my face, I look at someone crazy. I always have a challenge of meeting somebody tall like me, and there is always a silence between us that makes me uncomfortable. (Anonymaous, 2014) It hurts when I am walking on a path, and from afar, I spot a person who seems tall, and when we come closer, he or she is short. The other problem is when I go to the shopping mall to improve my wardrobe; I always find the pants to fit me.The concept of normality has always made me curious whenever I hear being talked about. The concept denotes no infection, malformation, disease, therapeutic manipulations, or absence of experimental in a human body. (Chadwick 2017) The level of blood sugar in an individual is normal when it is less than 7.8 mmol/L or 140mg/dL. When the reading is more than 11.1 mmol/L or 200 mg/dL after a hundred and 20 minutes, the individual will be pronounced diabetic. A reading between 11.0 mmol/L or 1.8mmol/L or 199 mg/dL shows that the individual is in the stage of prediabetes. Different tests can check the normal range of blood sugar levels, and they are oral glucose tolerance tests, fasting blood sugar tests, and random blood sugar tests.Usual helps in the day-to-day activities of the people and organization. The textiles industries can use the normal range to design clothes and other things to fit a wide generation and allow room for clothes adjustments. Also, the normal range can be used in the furniture industries to make furniture that is almost of the same size as the normal is something widely used in different industries without actual measurements.The health institutions greatly use the concept of normality and the range of normality to know how the patients are and how their treatments can be administered. In psychology, it helps psychologists learn the behaviors of the patients, even the individuals themselves, in the settings they are either in the outer society or workplaces. The government looks at the normal running of the nation’s activities and concludes that it can allocate the resources and maintain normality across the nation.ReferencesAnonymaous. (2014). Twenty-one problems only exceptionally tall [people understand. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)Chadwick, R. (2017). Normality as convention and as scientific fact. Handbook of the Philosophy of Medicine, 1st ed. Netherlands: Springer, 17-28.Peer post 2Is your height within the normal range?  Is this what you expected?Would your height be considered unusual?  Why or why notI am 5 ft 2 in tall so that is 61.5 inches.To measure my z-score, I did 61.5-64= -2.5 and then divided -2.5/2.8= -0.89 so my z-score based off this calculation is -0.89.The normal range for females based on calculation is between 58.4-69.6.Given that my height is 61.5 inches, I fall within the normal given range for females making my height usual, normal. I am not too tall or too short although I fall on the “shorter” side. I came across an article online that states that the “global average height” for women is 5 ft 3 inches. And for women of Asian descent, the average women’s height is about 5 feet. My primary care provider has always told me that my height was “normal” and “average” for an Asian woman my age as Asian women tend to be shorter as it is built into our genes. (Marcin, 2018)Have you encountered any challenges based on your height?  For example, someone who is shorter or taller may have a difficult time finding pants that are an appropriate length.Yes and no. As a child, I always wished I were taller but pretty much stopped growing and stayed the same height around 5 ft to 5 ft 2 in from 16 years of age to now. I was athletic as a child so being lighter and shorter gave me advantages to be “quicker” on my feet. But it is a challenge when trying to do things such as reaching for things much higher than my arm’s length. As an adult now, I am content with my height. I believe our height is determined by our genetics. My mother was my height but by the time she hit a certain age, she was 4 ft 11 in.How is the concept of normality used in your field?  Example: a patient’s blood pressure is compared to a normal range of values and a financial planner may check the “average” return of a stock.In the medical world, normality is used in just about every aspect. From a patient’s height, weight, BMI, lab values, vital signs, etc. anything that can be measured and give us a value. A patient’s values that are unique to them is then compared to a set of “normal” range to see where they would fall with others who may share similarities as the patient. I worked in pediatric care and measuring a child’s height and weight during their wellness check would be compared to children their age and would allow us to see if a child is within the normal range, below or above average.How does knowing what is usual help people and corporations and government organizations plan?Knowing if something is usual is helpful in just about every career. Whether it be the medical field, retail store, or restaurant. It helps us to stay within a certain limit or range of what is expected.ReferencesMarcin, J. (2018, March). What is the average height for women? Retrieved from