Gas Law

Gas Law Practice Exam1 atm = 101.3 kPa             R = 8.31            K = oC  +  273 (convert all temperatures to Kelvin!!!!)Identify the gas law needed to solve the following problems and then use it to solve the problems:Gas Law :_______________________________325 kPa  @  41oC  =  __________ atm  @  89oC120oC  @  13.9 atm  =  __________ kPa  @  65oCA sample of nitrogen gas has a pressure of 8.58 atm at 601 K. If the volume does not change, what will the pressure be at 311 K?Gas Law:______________________________16,420 mL  @ 130 K = __________L  @  76 K4.1 L  @  33oC   =   __________K  @  37 LIf a gas is held at a constant pressure and has a temperature of 412 K at a volume of 61,000 mL, what is the new volume in L if the temperature is lowered to 55oC?Gas Law:______________________________990 kPa  @  13 L  =  __________ L  @  13 atm11 atm  @  1341 mL  =  __________ L  @  23 atmA gas at a pressure of 235 kPa has a volume of 15.1 L.  What is the new volume of the gas if the pressure is raised to 550 kPa?Gas Law:______________________________If you have 7 moles of a gas at a pressure of 468.2 kPa and a volume of 11 L, what is the temperature?If you have an unknown quantity of gas at a pressure of 1.3 atm, a volume of 32 L, at a temperature of -24 oC, how many moles of gas you do have?If you have 21 g of oxygen gas (O2) at a temperature of 27oC and a pressure of 3.14 atm, what is the volume of the gas?If you have 9500 ml of chlorine gas (Cl2) held at a pressure of 6.8 atm and a temperature of 84oC, how many grams do you have?Gas Law:______________________________A gas starts with a volume of 1.05 L at 60 oC and 3.9 atm. What is the new volume if the gas is now held at 20 oC at 455 kPa?A gas at 155 kPa and 25 oC has an intial voume of 1.00 L. The pressure of the gas increases to 605 kPa as the temperature is raised to 125 oC. What is the new volume?A 5000 mL air sample has a pressure of 1.06 atm at a temperature of -50 oC. If the temperature is raised to 102 oC and the volume expands to 7 L, what will the new pressure be in kPa?