Stoichiometry Review

b nSolve the following conversion problems:5.7 mol C2H6O = __________ g419.5 g FeO2 = __________mol11.3 M NaOH  in 1350mL = __________molComplete the following mass-mass calculation:Use the following equation to answer the following questions:Fe2O3  +  3 CO   ?   2 Fe  +  3 CO2How many grams of CO2 are produced from reacting 33g of Carbon Monoxide with Iron (III) Oxide?____________gHow many grams of Iron (III) Oxide are needed to produce 87g of Iron?____________gHow many moles of iron are produced from reacting 54g of carbon monoxide with Iron (III) oxide?____________molSolve the following Molarity problems:A solution has a volume of 4200mL and contains 81g of glucose (C6H12O6). What is the molarity of the solution?___________MA solution has a volume of 2300mL and contains 9.3 mol NaCl. What is its molarity?__________MSolve the following percent yield problems:What is the percent yield if 87.2 g calcium carbonate is heated to produce 35.8g calcium oxide?CaCO3   ?   CaO  +  CO2__________%What is the percent yield when 39.7g of silver nitrate reacts with copper and produces 43g of copper (II) nitrate?Cu  +  2 AgNO3   ?   2 Ag  +  Cu(NO3)2__________%Solve the following limiting reagent problems for the bolded product:(410g) Zn  + (115g) 2 AgNO3  ?    Zn(NO3)2  +  2 Aga.___________b.___________c.___________(89g) 2 Bi(NO3)3  +  (235g) 3 H2SO4  ?  Bi2(SO4)3  + 6 HNO3a.___________b.___________c.___________(29g) TiCl4  + (104g) 2 H2O  ?  TiO2  + 4 HCla.___________b.___________c. ___________