chapter 19 discussion

Select one topic from the list below and post a grammatically correct short response (minimum of 250 words) in your own words that fully addresses the question(s) asked.

  1. What were Luther’s main complaints against the Roman Catholic Church? What reforms did he seek? What were the results of Luther’s protests?
  2. What elements of modern society would Bosch find most objectionable? How do you think he might choose to represent those problems? How are his views about the ills of society reflected in his art?
  3. What factors contributed to the popularity of Shakespeare’s plays in his own time and place? Explain and provide details.
  4. Describe and explain how the printing press played a major role in the success of the Protestant Reformation. How did literacy impact the success of the Reformation?
  5. In what ways did Northern artists break with the medieval past? In what ways did they perpetuate earlier subjects and styles? How do they differ from Italian Renaissance artists?