Career Research Report on Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, English homework help

This is a research paper that comparing 2 companies. After comparing them I have to give my decision which company is the good one for me to work. I did my plan already, now I need your help to write my research based on my plan. I have an example from the other student research. it’s very similar, so you can know where to start and what you need for the research. my due day is November 21 at 11:59 night. But can you send me my first draft first on November 17 before 11:59 night

Here is the content of the research

Career Research Report

For this report, you will research and analyze two companies, which you may want to target in your future job searches, and you will determine which company (one, both or neither) you would prefer to work for. The paper should be approximately 2600 min – 2800 max words and follow the guidelines for an analytical report, focusing on conclusions and recommendations.

Report Sections (Italicized sections** are the “body” of the report, i.e. the content; these would be used in the outline):

  • Cover Page – see pg. 296 in the textbook
  • Table of contents – see pg. 298
  • **Introduction – Present the reason why the report is being written, the nature of the opportunity or problem you are facing,the scope of your research, sources of materials and what conclusion you reached (direct approach). This is a brief statement about which company you preferred as your number 1 choice of an employer. (There are several possible conclusions you might draw – you prefer 1 of the companies over another; or both companies are appealing to you; or neither company meets your requirements.) You will also forecast what you will be writing about in the rest of your paper. (1/2 page)
  • **Characteristics of your “perfect” company – In this section, identify the characteristics of an ideal employer, using both professional and personal preferences, for example – company growth or types of products might be important to you from a professional point of view; and good benefits or location might be important from a personal point of view. Describe each characteristic and state why it is important to you.(1/2 – ¾ page)
  • **Company Evaluations – In this section, you will present your evidence as to why you chose one company over another. You will report for each company the following: products and services, customers, markets, company culture, SWOT analysis, and you will then give your impressions of how each company would meet (or not meet) your personal criteria. (4 pages total – 2 pages for each company)
  • **Conclusion –Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of each company and give your final reasons for choosing one company over the other (or neither or both). (1 page)
  • **Next Steps – What will be your next steps in following up on this report as you begin planning for your career. What do you need to do to be ready to begin your job search and choose a company.(1/2 page)
  • Reference page – following APA guidelines; example on the bottom of page 309.