Bob Dylan’s song summarized, English homework help

1. research and decide on one (1) of Bob Dylan’s song and summarize it


2. read and take notes (using our Student Notes document) on the following: “The Raven” (“Because I Could Not Stop for Death”; “Dover Beach”; “We Wear the Mask”)

  1. Who is the author?
  2. What other (noteworthy/well known) work(s) has he/she written?
  3. What is interesting about the author—his/her writing, education, family, apprenticeship, etc?
  4. What literary period is this work?
  5. What are three (3) primary characteristics of this literary period?
  6. What two (2) other (well known) authors were writing during this same literary period?
  7. Was there some kind of major historical occurrence during this literary period that may have influenced the author to write this work?
  8. Was there some kind of major personal occurrence during the author’s life that may have influenced him/her to write this work?
  9. What characteristics of the literary period are apparent in the literature?
  10. What are three (3) or four (4) thesis points for this work that one might analyze?
  11. What are two (2) or three (3) themes of this literature?
  12. What other one (1) or two (2) works—movies, books, films, documentaries, poems, fiction, drama–relate to (or remind you of) this literary work? Why?