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MATH Intermediate questions

in 2 hours 10 question!!!1- Solve the problem.The Corner Cafe has a replacement cost of $262,000 and is insured for $186,020 with an 80% coinsurance clause. The building has a fire loss of $24,300. How much will the insurance company pay?Select one:a. $24,300b. $25,880c. $21,566d. $17,2532- Find the amount paid by each insurance company. Assume that any coinsurance requirement […]

Phylogenetics Using MEGA

For today’s lab we are going to work with the Molecular Evolutionary Genetic Analysis program (https://www.megasoftware.net/home) to examine the phylogentic relationship of the cytochrome oxidase I (COI) gene in several ants. These 10 ants were collected by amateur entomolgists in south Florida, five were collected from one location (ants 1-5) and five were collected from […]


PS3 Part 1For your problem number draw a Venn diagram and then answer the three questions.1.In a survey of 18 college students, it was found that 11 were taking an English class, 6 were taking a mathclass, and 4 were taking both English and math.How many students were taking a math class only?Howmany students were […]


Week 6 Discussion: RadiationEBOOK: Bauer, R. C., Birk, J. P., & Marks, P. (2019). Introduction to chemistry. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.Initial Post InstructionsThe Discussions in this course are set up deepen your understanding of the material as you make real world connections and employ creative thinking. To get the most from these discussions, full […]


Your own ship vector is 070° with 8 kts. You tracked a radar contact for the last 6 min, first showing at a relative bearing of 300° at 8 nm, then 301° at 7.2 nm.What will be the expected closest point of approach (CPA) to the contact (answer only numerical in the format: X.X)? nmWhat […]


function LAB05ex1m = 1;                                   % mass [kg]k = 9;                                   % spring constant [N/m]omega0=sqrt(k/m);y0=0.4; v0=0;                            % initial conditions[t,Y]=ode45(@f,[0,10],[y0,v0],[],omega0);  % solve for 0