Animal Cruelty Paper

My niece needs someone to write a 8-10 page paper on animal cruelty. its due by Saturday no later….you will find the references and outline below

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I. Topic: Animal Cruelty A Growing Epidemic

Thesis: While many would agree that animal cruelty must cease, there are numerous arguments how to best tackle the problem and whether what is being done, or proposed, is of any real benefit.

II. INTRO: “Animals–pain–cruelty!” or “Why do so many people cause animals to suffer?”In America today, despite the fight to improve animal welfare, cruelty continues to be an on-going battle and more action requires be taken in an effort to stop it completely. Much has been written of…….etc.’

III. Body

1. Main Idea- Animal Rights

A. Do animal have rights

B. Are animals equal to humans?

C. Do humans have an obligation to protect animals?

2. Main Idea- Animal Cruelty or Animal research

A. Animal research or Animal cruelty

B. Can they suffer?

C. Moral Challenges

3. Main idea- Animal Experiment Ethical or Unethical

A. Is animal research right or wrong

B. Are we really saving lives?

C. Are there Alternatives?


A. Types

1. Animals most commonly abused

2. Most common acts/abuses committed

B. Causes

1. To control it

2. To retaliate against an animal

3. To retaliate against another person:

4. To satisfy a prejudice against a species or breed

5. To express anger through an animal

6. To enhance one’s own aggressiveness

7. To shock people for amusement

8. To displace hostility from a person to an animal:

9. To perform non-specific sadism

C. Remedies

1. Know who to call to report animal cruelty.

2. Make a call

3. Set a good example to others

D. Prevention

1. Stronger cruelty Laws

2. Harsh Penalties

3. Education

E. Public appeal/assistance

IV. Laws

A. Animal abuse

1. Cruelty to animals Misdemeanor in the 2nd degree

Abandoning animals

2. Injuring animals- value of animal less than $300
– value of animal more than $300

3. Poisoning animals
– Officer or agent of Ohio Humane Society may remove a child if deemed to be in cruel surroundings

B. Classification

1. Animal Abuse -Misdemeanor in the 2nd degree Minor Misdemeanor

2. Injuring animals- Misdemeanor in the 2nd degree

3. Poisoning- Misdemeanor in the 4th degree

      1. Fine

1. Animal abuse $750.00

2. Injuring $ 100.00

3. 1000.00

4. Injuring 250

D. Imprisonment

1. Animal Abuse- 90 days

2. Abandonment- 90 days

3. Poisoning- 6months

4. Injuring- 30 days

V. Conclusion-