an abstract of Occupational Safety & Health case study

The assignment is an abstract of a case study. The abstract should provide a concise overview of given case study. It should be written as a single paragraph containing a maximum of 250 words. It should outline
1. the individual or organization under study,
2. the problem addressed,
3. the questions raised,
4. the safety solutions recommended to improve the handling of the impact &
5. the ways to prevent the recurrence of the problem
Submissions will be checked for plagiarism.
All text should be in 12-point font, double-spaced and with 1 inch page margins. Run a spelling and grammar check before you submit your

case study. Avoid common criticisms like vague writing, weak rationale, unfocused and lacking originality.
Do not simply copy and paste from the references you are using or from other sources like internet, you need to create your statements using only relevant information from the papers and cite the reference used. As commonly defined, plagiarism consists of passing off as one’s own the ideas, words, writings, etc., which belong to another. In accordance with this definition, you are committing plagiarism if you copy the work of another person and turn it in as your own, even if you should have the permission of that person.