American Government Final,Political Science Assignment Exam Help

Various forms of government are found around the world; and, governments are described and or classified in a variety of ways and means. Your response to this essay question is intended to summarize what you have learned about the various forms or styles of government. A. There are three basic forms of government, described according to which body of government is the most prominent, or, holds the most power. In three well-written paragraphs, describe each of the three forms, as you compare and contrast one with the others.(6 points) B. Governments also may be described or categorized according to how their legislative and executive branches share power. In at least one well-written paragraph, describe each of these two types of government.(4 points) C. Governments may also be classified according to how many people hold power. In a minimum of three well-written paragraphs, describe three forms of government classified in this manner. (6 points) D. From the eight classifications or styles of government listed in the preceding paragraphs, list three, which are descriptive of the current government of the United States. (4 points)