Abortion, Case studies help

Question 1
Maria is 14 years old, Hispanic, and Catholic. She recently found out after taking a home pregnancy test that she was nine weeks pregnant. She has told her best friend, Angela, and they both agree that Maria cannot tell her parents and that the best course of action is to secretly have an abortion. Angela also has recommended that Maria visit the school counselor for advice and direction on what to do and where to go for an abortion. Pretend that you are the school counselor. What advice might you present to Maria? In your advice, be sure to address how you will handle the issue of confidentiality, abortion, and any other choice present for Maria. Additionally, mention your state’s laws regarding minors and abortion.
{Ohio Laws}

Question 2
Consider the various developmental crises, disabilities, psychopathology, and situational and environmental factors that affect both normal and abnormal sexual behaviors of adults. These can include events such as loss, death, birth, addiction, disease, financial distress, divorce, et cetera.
For this discussion, develop a mini case study for a theoretical client with whom you are currently meeting in your office. The topic of conversation revolves around a personal event that the client encountered. Describe your client, including pertinent details regarding diversity. Detail how the event you are discussing with your client could impact his or her sexual functioning. Describe in layman’s terms for the client the individual sexual developmental issues that may be at hand.

Referennce reference work text were using is Reference Hyde, J. S., & DeLamater, J. D. (2017). Understanding human sexuality (13th ed.). New York, NY. McGraw-Hill.