8 Multiple Choice Questions

1. A dependent clause and an independent clause joined together form a ________.

  1. compound sentence

  2. simple sentence

  3. compound-complex sentence

  4. complex sentence 

    Identify the subject and complete verb in each of the following sentences

    2. A pigeon flew through the air and pecked Cheryl on the head.

      1. pigeon; flew/pecked

      2. Cheryl; flew

      3. pigeon; pecked

      4. pigeon; flew

      1. There were several leftover cookies in my lunchbox.

        1. there; were

        2. cookies; were

        3. lunchbox; were

        4. cookies; were leftover 

      1. Identify each as fragment, run-on, comma splice, or sentence.

        1. While some urban myths are the result of campfire ghost stories and tall tales, others are the result of miscommunication.

          1. fragment

          2. run-on

          3. comma splice

          4. correct sentence

        2. Because so many stories circulate around the Internet. We live in a “golden age” of urban legends.

          1. fragment

          2. run-on

          3. comma splice

          4. correct sentence 

        1. Which is the correct spelling?

          1. followups

          2. follow ups

          3. follow-ups

          4. None of the above. 

        1. The ________ announced the opening of their new store.

          a. Finch’s b. Finchs c. Finches’ d. Finches

        2. Did you go to the concert with the ________?

          a. Thompson’s b. Thompsons’ c. Thompsons