3. Media Skills: Social Networking; Media Skills:

3. Media Skills: Social Networking; Media Skills: Presentations [LO-2], Chapters 16 – 17 Daniel Gordon, the fourthgeneration jeweler who is CEO of Samuel Gordon Jewelers in Oklahoma City, has turbocharged the century-old company with social media. During some of the roughest economic times in memory, the company’s revenues and foot traffic have grown steadily while its advertising costs have dropped by 90 percent. Gordon is an active social media user, using a variety of media tools to educate jewelry buyers, let customers know about new products, and guide customers through the process of selecting wedding rings and other significant jewelry purchases.
Your task: With a team of classmates, study the company’s website ( www.samuelgordons.com/ ) and its social media presence (you can fi nd various social media links on the website). You can read more about the company’s social media strategy by visiting http:// real-timeupdates.com/ebc10 , clicking on “Student Assignments” and selecting “ Chapter 7 Case 3.” Now identify a business near your college that could benefi t from a similar social media strategy. Devise a social media strategy that could help this company expand its customer base and forge stronger links with the local community. Prepare a brief class presentation that describes the business and explains your proposed strategy. (Your instructor may ask you to undertake this as a service project, in which you meet with the company owner and present your proposed social media strategy.)