2 . 2 – Deliverable: Blog 3535 unread replies . 5757 replies

2.2 – Deliverable: Blog
3535 unread replies.5757 replies.
Think about what you read in Chapter 2 from this week's readings and answer one of the following three questions: What communication techniques have you used with success? What new communication tools might you consider using and how would you use these? In preparing for a presentation, what tips and techniques do you find to be most helpful?
Additionally, think about what you read in Chapter 3 and answer one of the following two questions: In looking at the problem of communication overload, what activities are the two biggest problem areas in your work environment? What could you do to mitigate these problems? In this course (as in many of the other courses you will be taking for your degree), you will be working in a virtual team environment. What are some activities, tools, and techniques that you can use to your benefit? How could you best utilize these tools?
Blog activities utilize the discussion tool, make your blog entry the same as posting to a discussion forum. Begin your blog entry by identifying the topic/question you are addressing and post a minimum of 250 words in your entry.